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The tree is the natural symbol of Man: upright, related in nature, nurtured by nutrients from the soil as we are by the fruits of the earth, growing year by year as we do towards old age, defying the elements as we stand up to adversities and difficult encounters. A tree is like a botanical image of ourselves. This is the source of our profoundly intimate relationship with trees.

Since time immemorial the tree has been the symbol of life, perhaps its most beautiful symbol: as tree of life, as world tree.

It is not surprising therefore, that trees are frequently found in Siegbert Hahn’s world of images. The tree as a motif in almost a hundred paintings, sometimes even the central image, sometimes alone, sometimes together with other trees, as to be seen before in the chapters ‘Space’, ‘Time’ and ‘Water’.

The landscape recurs these symbolic aspects expanding a panorama of embracing life.

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