Siegbert Hahn

The painter of Natura mystica

I call my painting ‘Natura mystica’ . By this I want to express that I trace the mystery of nature in my pictures. It is the mysterious nature that I want to capture in my paintings.

Artistic creation

Art exhibition

Siegbert Hahn presented his paintings in about 150 exhibitions, of wich 70 solo exhibitons.

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Art for your Practice and Law Firm

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Siegbert Hahn´s World of Images

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Since early youth I was fascinated by fine art. During school holidays, I literally lived in the Berlin museums, I was there every day all day long.

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In 1937 I was born in Breslau. After my twin brother I was the last born of five children in a stimulating turbulent childhood home. At that time we lived in Hirschberg in the Silesian Giant Mountains.

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The image world of Siegbert Hahn

„Nature has a secret in it.
It is the secret of life“

Looking back

Gymnich Palace (Germany)

April 1984
Siegbert Hahn has shown 26 of his paintings in 14 rooms of Gymnich Palace. Here is a small selection of nine paintings in five rooms.


October 2004

Nikolai-Kirche (Nikolai Church) in Görlitz (Germany), Memory-Exhibition for Jakob Böhme (philosopher, 1575)

Haus Fahrbach (Germany)

January 2005

In 2005 and 2006, Siegbert Hahn’s world of images was presented between antiquities of the 18th and 19th centuries from France and Germany at “Haus Fahrbach” (antique shop) in Cologne (Germany).

Kulturhistorisches Museum in Stralsund (Germany)

September 2006

Das Erd-Ei
100 x 100 cm (HxB)
Öl auf Leinwand

dbb-forum Siebengebirge (Germany)

July 2007

From May 8 to July 22, 2007, the dbb-forum Siebengebirge (Königswinter-Thomasberg) presented selected works by Siegbert Hahn.
The convention center of the Deutscher Beamtenbund (German Federation of Civil Servants) presented 25 paintings in three rooms.

Haus & Grund shows “Natura mystica”

October 2009

Under the title “Natura mystica”, the “Haus- und Grundbesitzerverein” (house and landowners’ association) from 1888 in Cologne (Germany) presents the imagery of Siegbert Hahn.

The pictures hang in the „Wandelhalle“, which is located in the spa gardens.

October 2010

Titles of the paintings:
Longing for the source, 2008
Present of the spring, 2007
At the last spring, 2007
At the fountain of time, 2000
Gift of water, 2000
At the source of forgetting, 2008

“The twins Siegbert and Siegmund Hahn – Painting and graphics”

April to June 2013

Gallery of the city of Sindelfingen
The gallery presents an exhibition of exquisite oil paintings and graphics from the twins Siegbert and Siegmund Hahn.


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